Sharing More Imperfectly

I try hard to control my image. I won’t let you post a photo of me looking drunk, or without make-up. And if you do, I’ll probably ask you to remove it.

Likewise, I try very hard to control my work. I only release films and photographs that I feel represent my very best. It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes. Between quantity and quality, I always pick the latter.

The problem with this level of control is that my work becomes so sparse I don’t form a consistent practice. My work becomes a rare and sporadic event, as opposed to a consistent routine.

I am also rarely connecting with an audience. That’s something I think is important for any artist to do.

Ask any journalist who works under daily deadlines, or any person who exercises every day- there is something to habitual practices. There is an energy, a momentum that comes from them. Also, a kind of confidence and wisdom.

That is why I’ve decided to start blogging every day while I’m writing my next project.

I realize that in doing anything this frequently, the product becomes a little more imperfect than I would like.

More typos, more mistakes, more junk.

And yet, the challenge of distilling my thoughts into daily conclusions appeals to me. I think it would help me work through my own thinking, and keep the creative wheels greased while I work on the bigger, more measured, creative endeavors (my movie).

So, in starting this daily blog, I am willing to accept that:
the more you share your work, the less perfect the work becomes,
but the more connection you have with your audience
the more it becomes a habit in your life
the more conclusions you draw
the wiser and more confident you become.

Here’s to embracing all the imperfection. Bottoms up, Duckie.


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