Your Soul’s Imperatives


The world’s imperatives are different than your own.

You have an imperative that is unseen, misunderstood by those around you.

It can be difficult to explain to the world that you are “busy” when you are seemingly not. That there is important work to attend to, even though no client is demanding it, no employer is asking.

But this work is as important as any other. No- scratch that- it is even more important.

Because this work is your creative work. Your soul’s imperative.

If you died tomorrow, it would not be any of the “worldly work” you mourned not finishing. It would be your own work. The work that your soul is urgently crying out for you create.

Why then, do we brush this work aside for those worldly things?

Because the worldly work is more urgent. Less important, ultimately, but more pressing in the present.

There is a disconnect between work of importance and work of urgency.

One is the equivalent of falling in love. The other is fulfilling in the way of a one-night stand.

Every day I spend away from my creative work these days feels frustrating, unfulfilling.

The muse is whispering:

No more one night stands. It’s time to fall in love.

It’s time to return to the work that nourishes.


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