Allowing the Void

there is a void that exists in all of us
the void can be filled with many things:
text messaging

or you can make the conscious decision not to fill the void at all
and just let it be a void.
this is by far the most difficult path to take.

but as creatives​
this is possibly the most important choice,
this idle space allows our brain to do its work
time spent idly walking through nature
sitting alone in a room
or driving along lonely roads
time left empty
like blank pages in a notebook
does not remain empty

because our mind moves to fill these voids
to paint them, like virgin canvases,
filling these m​omen​ts with color, poetry, music

when we eliminate the white noise
we instead hear our inner voice
it speaks only in a whisper
and it can only be heard
in the silence of our isolation

as artists
this is precisely the voice we need to hear

every day now
I am making space for this voice
every day
it speaks to me, a little louder.


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