The Front Load of the Learning Curve

Many of us are familiar with the natural learning curve that applies to learning new skills.



But that’s not just relevant for learning- it applies to really any new activity.

New friendships. New routines.

Even moving to a new city has a kind of ‘learning curve’. It’s more difficult at the start.

You spend a lot of time navigating new transit systems, finding new stores, doctors, friends. You realize pretty quickly how many processes you took for granted just “knowing” in your old town. It’s hard. It’s a huge investment of time and energy.

But, after a few years, it all becomes standard. You are an expert on your new city, just like everyone else.

The learning curve is always front-loaded with the hard, hard work. It is fraught with self-doubt, mistakes, overwhelm.

Arming ourselves with the understanding of when we are IN a “curve” can help us feel a little better about what’s happening. We can mentally prepare ourselves for the initial shock of the strenuous work coming toward us. We can brace our minds for the initial insecurity, the exhausting effort, because we know that it will get easier soon.

Before we know it, we will be an expert at this once overwhelming task. That’s the nature of the curve. First, it gets harder. Then it becomes easy.


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