Seeking Discomfort

I’m really uncomfortable right now. I don’t want to open my writing project. I don’t even want to look at it. To look at it makes me feel queasy. I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t know how to solve any of the problems. In fact, I’m starting to doubt the project will ever actually work.

Opening the project means opening up all kinds of self-doubts within myself. It’s not a pleasant process. But it’s one I must do every day if I’m to make progress on this script.

I would love to run away right now. To go back to the kind of work that makes me feel good about myself. The easy stuff. The stuff that’s comfortable. Yes, that would feel better.

But I must remember, that once upon a time, that work made me feel uncomfortable too. Once upon a time, that work was also new and difficult. A little icky. I wasn’t sure of myself. But, now I am, so that stuff is just…fun.

It’s a tough thing about this profession- always moving towards what makes us uncomfortable. That means it’s a challenge. That means we’re actually stretching, growing. And man, that ain’t easy.

Growing pains are given the name for a reason. Like our awkward teens- it’s painful and difficult when you’re in it. But on the other side is a better you, a stronger one. If you can get through the hard part, there will be some kind of reward. Even if that reward is just stretch marks and battle scars, we carry the proof, the pride of that inner transformation.

Here’s to those of us who seek discomfort as a lifestyle. May we grow faster and reach higher than we ever dreamed possible.

Shit. Time’s up. Gotta open up this script…


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