The Internal Spin Room

Most of us are familiar with the idea of “spin”- the process by which the media biases stories to favor their candidate or political leanings. We needn’t look much further than the recent American election to see the enormous impact that “spin” can have on people’s actions.

The idea that spin can affect real-world behavior is an incredibly potent, and even dangerous idea. Spin is a powerful weapon in influencing our minds.

What, then, about the stories we are telling ourselves? Are we spinning stories in a way that helps us or hurts us?

The stories we tell ourselves are incredibly powerful. They affect how we live our lives and what actions we do (and do not) take.

Are we spinning stories that inspire us to take positive action in our lives? Or are the stories we are telling impacting us negatively, eliciting​ apathy and self-doubt?

Regardless of what happens or how we feel, we need to focus on spinning our stories in a way that inspires confidence, not fear and shame. Like a good campaign manager, we must make sure our “candidate” is always being positioned in the best light possible. To do otherwise would be self-sabotage​.

It’s war time, and we need to behave like any other political pundit on CNN: Spin our candidates in a way that makes them look good. Spin them hard and never give in.


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