Beyond the Status Quo

If you plan on doing anything beyond the status quo, expect to be met with resistance. Expect people to find you difficult. Expect your team to complain. Expect everyone in your path to be reluctant to go that extra mile. Expect to be pressing up against the limits of your budget, time, ability and sanity.

And then, expect to be rewarded for that effort.

Going beyond the status quo means going beyond the point where most people stop. That’s where new discoveries are made. That’s where innovation happens. That’s the place where people will be surprised by the results- because you have gone further than what people previously thought was possible. No one expects you to walk the extra mile when you didn’t have to.

The reason it’s rewarding is because it’s hard. Because you’re going further than those around you dared, beyond where most people felt comfortable.

In order to be remarked upon, you must first do something remarkable. That involves a great deal of risk- and the greater the risk, the greater the reward, as they say.

You’ll know when you’re there because it will seem like the task at hand is too challenging, like the world is against you. The status quo will encourage you to stop in your efforts because you are pushing beyond what they think is capacity. But that is entirely the point.


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