Changing the default to opt-out


There are defaults on most sites you sign-up for. The default is usually set to opt you into subscribing you to whatever service or mailing list most benefits the company. Sadly, these defaults are not always in line with you and where you want to spend your energy or money.

You can often change these defaults, however. Instead of opting-in, you can choose to opt-out by clicking a separate box.

Opting-in can become not just a default, but a choice. You are then purposefully subscribing to a newsletter, or a service because you’ve deemed it valuable to YOU.

I’m obsessed with opting-out. I unsubscribe from every single newsletter, coupon, and update I receive in my inbox. I always ensure any unwanted email has been unsubscribed from. It takes some time and getting used to, but ultimately it saves me energy in the long run by not diverting focus to these items.

Likewise, we have defaults in the way we operate in our everyday life, whether we are aware of them or not. Do you automatically say yes to every networking event or every time a particular person asks you a favor? Do you default to doing things you don’t want to, to spending time with people you don’t enjoy, just cause it’s easy?

Lately, I’m contemplating this notion of changing the defaults in my own life to opting-out. It’s great that the rest of the world wishes to be social, but that’s just not the part of my life I’m in right now while I’m writing, so I need to switch my defaults on many these social invitations from opting-in to opting-out. It won’t be a permanent thing (since I enjoy socializing), but it’s a necessary decision for me at the moment. It’s is difficult to do without suffering from massive FOMO, but I’m finding the time spent on such activities is massively compromising my output, so I need to.

Are you subscribing to activities that are not helping you achieve your goals? Are these activities frustrating you and making you anxious? It may be time to consider changing your defaults.

By opting-out of one thing, we are opting-in to another. By saying no to what we don’t want, we are saying yes to more of what we do.


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