The Later List for Manic Minds

I’m a hyperactive learner. I want to know everything I need to know, and I want to know it now, all at once.

This is an impossible desire. And it causes me stress.

It’s crushing to me when I consider how few books I will be able to read and how few skills I will have time to master within the limited capacity of my time on earth.

Especially considering the ever-growing research which posits the importance of focusing on a single task at a time. I now realize how important it is to invest my mind into the kind of deep work called for in my profession.

In my mind, there are so many urgent things which need to be addressed and learned, it makes it difficult to calm my mind into focusing on the task at hand.

Lately, the strategy of THE LATER LIST is helping me control this impulse.

When something pops into my mind- something that urgently needs to be addressed, a skill that I want to learn or a course or book I need to devote time to- I add it to the “later list.” Then I pencil in an approximate time-frame in the future where I may be free to address this concern with more focus.

This way, I can release the fear that these desires won’t be attended to. And I can feel confident that it is accounted for with adequate time allotted to its focus. That time just isn’t now, because now the task must be the ONE THING I’ve already decided on.

The Later List is helping to control my hyperactive mind and helping me focus.

Right NOW it’s all about the writing.

But here’s what’s coming up later:
-focus on a networking strategy and creating better systems for cataloging my industry contacts
-learn how to operate new Steadicam device my sister got for Christmas + employ this in a paid project
-focus on improving my knowledge of current technologies and trends as they relate to film and directing
-focus on improving my knowledge of investing
-focus on getting more commercials
-focus on landing tv directing gigs
-get involved in non-profit work
-adding options to automatically purchase prints of my photos on my website
-review Evernote notes from past few years
-review screenwriting/filmmaking saved materials on my computer- scripts, docs etc.. that are worth referencing back to.
-taking a freelancer course by Seth Godin


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