Play the Hand Smart

play-pig-card-game-step-17-version-2We don’t get to pick the circumstances we were born into
the hardships that befall us
or the luck we are handed
life is riddled with happenstance fortune and accidental tragedy
the degree, volume, and timing of these circumstances are among the biggest variables of human experience
no two people’s circumstances are alike
we can no more begrudge someone born into great privilege playing every advantage handed them
then we can a poor person playing every card they can to get by
we all need to play our hand
to the best of our ability

like a game of cards, we don’t get to control what’s in the deck
we only get to play the cards we’re dealt
some of us are better strategists than others
some of us will have that strategy rewarded when we are met with the fortune of a good hand
some of us have no strategy, just a damn good hand
and some of us have loads of strategy, but our cards just never come up.

The first example is the one we need to focus on, and put our attention to.
Suppose we are dealt a good hand, but we are too foolhardy to recognize it’s potential and then don’t play it right?
That is a scary concept.

It’s a fact of life, there is a huge degree of chance involved.
Taking full acknowledgment of this fact,
we can relinquish our focus on these unpredictable variables and turn our focus to the things we can control
there really is no productive alternative but to do this.

we must stop pouring energy into terrible circumstances have befallen us
or the idea that we were never given a chance
or that so many others had so more advantages from the start
these are wasteful thoughts that only impede our focus on the new cards hitting the table
let’s focus instead on having the best control of the variables within our power
so that when our luck comes up, we can play the hand smart.


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