Uncharted Waters

“If you are sailing into uncharted waters, expect there will be rough seas along the way. But take heart in the knowledge you are on your way to a new world.”

Storm clouds are heaving on the horizon. It’s that fleeting moment before the sky opens up, when everything feels just on the verge. Do now or regret forever.

I pull on my red dress and grab my camera and tripod. I run out towards the ocean, shouting to my sister who is playing frisbee with her boyfriend on the sand bar.

“Stand in for me while I find focus?”

“Ok” she says, dropping the frisbee. “How bout I just take the picture?”

I plunk the tripod down in the mud. The sky is looking angry now.

“You better hurry,” she warns as I attempt to fix the exposure.

I tell her to wade out deeper in the water. She stands impatiently squinting at the sky, while I figure out focus marks. We swap places and I realize I’ve lost the mark- where exactly was she standing? Shit. She goes back, I refocus, this time I walk out to her before she moves and take her place.

Now it’s raining. Snap snap snap, she pushes the shutter and I fall back into a variety of dramatic poses.

“You’re all blurry!” she cries. Stupid me, rushing. The shutter speed is too slow. She can’t capture my motion when I move quickly. I have to hold my poses longer.

Now it’s really starting to rain.

“Just a few more poses!” I say, clutching my dress.

“Ok…” she says dubiously.

The thunder crackles. Snap snap snap.

“Done!” I yell, tossing her one of my props which lands in a distant patch of ocean and starts drifting the other away.

My sister rolls her eyes. “I’ll grab that, you get the camera.”

We grab, we run. Along the beach towards the bank. Now we are covered in rain. We run up the stairs towards the cottage, the storm nipping angry at our heels

We arrive on the porch as the sky opens up. Monsoon disaster. We throw shut the doors as the rain screams down. The wind picks up the neighbour’s basketball net and drops it onto my sister’s boyfriend’s car.

“Better call your insurance.” my sister says.

Good storm.


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