Action Before Belief

“Believe and you can achieve”
“Believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything!”

I think those are two sentiments that we should consider reversing:
“achieve and you can believe”

Belief in yourself is not essential.
It’s more important what you do
Consistently and repeatedly.
Your repeated actions create a momentum which will gradually build your confidence
After you’ve acted enough you will not feel defeated anymore. You will believe in yourself.

Confidence is a natural consequence of action. Even if we don’t fully “believe” in ourselves at the start of a task, we will certainly believe in ourselves once we have completed it. Our confidence grows in proportion to our accomplishments.

Few of us are gifted with the confidence of blind faith in ourselves
Sometimes there’s no way around the fact we need to see it to believe it.
Therefore, action may precede belief for most of us.
You may need to achieve before you fully believe in yourself.

If you want something, don’t wait for a surge of confidence to get you going. Simply start taking steps toward it. Do it repeatedly, every day, over the course of several months. Watch slowly as your life changes as a result. By the time you have accomplished your goal, you will no choice but to believe in yourself. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.


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