The Limitless Spring

We are used to thinking in terms of finite resources
There’s only so much
food, water, plants, oil,
time, and energy to go around
Best we conserve it
before we run out.

But unlike most everything else
Our creativity is limitless
Go to the well
and your bucket will always come up full
(and if it isn’t, just wait a while,
til it rains, and it will be so)
in fact, I would argue
that the more we use our creativity
the more it yields
the more ideas we ask for
the more ideas come
the more we search our minds for creative solutions
the more we find them
In this sense, it is more like a limitless spring
always ready to burst forth with innovation
The only time
We can’t access its gifts
is when we stop up the source
when our own negative beliefs, demons, distractions
Clog up the opening and get in the way
To flow is only natural for the spring
and all we need to do receive it
Is simply get out of its way


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