In like a lamb, out like a lion

If you start a project that you’re unsure about, keep it quiet until you’ve gone far enough along to decide whether it’s a project you want to pursue wholeheartedly​ or give up completely.

Quietly means not sharing your grand plans with others. It also means not getting yourself overly excited about it and quitting your day job until you are able to commit to the project entirely.

There are good scientific reasons for keeping your ideas quiet.
It makes it more likely you’ll achieve your goals.

It also helps you not look like you’re crazy.

Keeping a measured air of caution about projects until we are ready to commit to them makes sense because it gives us the time and perspective to cooly assess the merits of the project.

Once you have gone through due process, and you’ve fully committed yourself to it, you can then give yourself permission to discuss the project with anyone who can help. Any person you meet is a potential ally to your project.

The idea that began as a tiny whisper inside you may now be broadcast with confidence from your personal megaphone.

Your dissemination of the idea is then in direct proportion to its realization. You only talk about what is real.

This helps you appear to be a doer, not simply a dreamer to those around you. That will be an important distinction you’ll want to make in people’s minds, as later you rally them behind your master plan.


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