life pours through

life exists not outside our work
not on the outer periphery of our art
it flows through it
it seeps into every word we write
every photograph we take
life is art
no point trying to silence your life while you work

lately, my life has been loud,
rowdy, unpredictable.
even if I tried to create the safe space I wanted for my writing, life wouldn’t allow it
like a wild animal, life can’t be tamed.
it can’t be told to “stop-
wait until it’s convenient,
for accidents to happen,
for things to unravel,
for people to die.”
life has a life of its own
and so you’re going to have to stop trying to trample that out
and start running with it
start using its natural currents as energy
go with the flow in every which way it takes you

life isn’t going to give you the whole day
it may not even
give you a whole hour
it’s not going to give you the perfect conditions
the perfect inspiration or mood
or circumstances
but it may give you
just a little
tiny bit of space
here and there
and if you use it wisely
it may very well be


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