converting energy

since the industrial revolution
humans have become masters of energy
from the power of steam and electricity
to oil
wind and the sun
even splitting atoms
we have learned to harness the energy of the natural world
and convert it
to do our bidding

we artists have a similar talent
we convert the energy of our emotions
into entertainment

our frustrations
our rage
our despair
and our joy
like electricity
it fuels our art
it allows us to look in on ourselves
it enables us
to step outside our individual experience
and join in a collective one
to reflect upon ourselves
art helps us contemplate our meaning in the world

as scientists work to harness energy into useful technologies
we artists work to convert our own energy into art

technology is useful
art is not
but that doesn’t mean art is worthless
art helps us remember
our reasons for innovating in the first place
for what is the point in building
if we forget what we’re doing it for?


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